Stephanie Wettstein, PhD

Stephanie Wettstein, PhD

Assistant Professor

Phone: 406-994-5928
Office: 312 Cobleigh Hall

Mailing Address:
PO Box 173920
Bozeman, MT 59717-3920

Shipping Address:
306 Cobleigh Hall
Bozeman, MT 59717-3920


  • ECHM 323: Chemical Engineering Mass Transfer Operations
  • ECHM/EBIO 442: Chemical Engineering/Bioengineering Laboratory I 
  • ECHM 510: Graduate Reaction Engineering


  • Postdoc - University of Wisconsin-Madison (Chemical Engineering)
  • Ph.D. - University of Colorado-Boulder (2010; Chemical Engineering)
  • Process Engineer at Kimberly-Clark Corporation (2002-2005)
  • B.S. - University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point (Paper Science)

Awarded Grants

  • 2017: NSF CBET - Energy for Sustainability
  • 2013: ACS Petroleum Research Fund - New Investigator Grant

Research Interests

Synthesis of platform chemicals, specialty chemicals, and biofuels from lignocellulosic biomass using novel catalytic and separation processes.

The overall goal is to increase the sustainability of biofuels and chemicals produced from lignocellulosic biomass by improving processing methods, increasing reaction rates, and increasing the yields of biomass carbon that is converted into biofuels and chemicals. This includes developing novel, high yield biomass deconstruction methods, improved biomass conversion processes to increase catalyst stability, and separation methods using zeolite membranes.

Current Lab Openings

Graduate Students

**Potential graduate student researchers must first fill out the inquiry form (no fee required)** If you are interested in joining my laboratory, please fill out the pre-application form and then contact me at the email above. I will be happy to discuss the opportunities below with you if you meet the proper qualifications. Applicants must have exceptional qualifications and should consider applying for an external fellowship.

Undergraduate Students

If you are interested in joining my laboratory, please stop by my office or contact me at the email above. I will be happy to discuss the opportunities below with you if you meet the proper qualifications. Applicants must have exceptional qualifications and should consider applying for an external fellowship, such as the USP.

There are currently no open positions.


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