Montana Apprenticeship Program (MAP):

Four high school students from various towns in Montana worked in our lab for four days. These students performed colony biofilm antibiotic challenges to determine how the addition of sucrose affected Escherichia coli MG1655 antibiotic tolerance. This program was designed to expose the students to collegiate-level research.

Trevor explaining important mathematical techniques.Jenna explaining serial dilutions.Trevor showing students engineered fluorescent bacteria.Dr. Carlson, Jenna, Trevor, Terrence, and Keefe outside the Center for Biofilm Engineering office on the MAP students' final day.

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Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs: Learning Engineering by Application (GEAR UP: LEAP):

Thirty middle school students attended a week long camp which introduced them to all fields of engineering. Trevor Zuroff along with Natasha Mallette, Reed Taffs, Logan Schultz, and Jenna Lloyd-Randolfi gave two workshops on Chemical Engineering and how engineers utilize biofilms.

Daniel, a LEAP student, examining a petri dish.Logan and Trevor answering student's questions.Logan shows the students a kitchen sponge which they examined using the stereoscope.

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