Our research involves the application of fundamental conservation laws, such as the conservation of mass, momentum, and energy, to improve the understanding of transport in biological systems. Our primary interest is usually in diseased or pathological systems. In order to solve the partial differential equations resulting from the application of conservation laws, we tend to focus our efforts on higher-order finite element methods, which can provide high-accuracy, and on algebraic multigrid solvers, which can provide computational efficiency. 

Transport of nanoparticles into the airways


  • Weighted LSFEM for PIV data
  • Spatially heterogeneous microbial consortia
  • Ionizing radiation detection using gold nanoparticle synthesis
  • Biofilm-fluid interaction modeling
  • Particulate deposition in airways
  • Hyperthermal cancer modeling
  • Implicit Discontinuous Galerkin Methods


  • Parafos
  • DG-INS -- implicit DG solver for Navier-Stokes
  • Fospack -- contact John Ruge
  • nanoSynth -- kinetic model of gold nanoparticle synthesis*
  • biofilmConsortia -- biofilm growth model for engineered microbial consortia*
  • ParaFEM -- parallel, 3D, tetrahedal FEM code*
  • Bifmesh -- Airway mesh generation*
  • *email jeff.heys@gmail.com