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Department Head

Email: jeffrey.heys@montana.edu

Office Phone: 406-994-7902
Cell Phone: 406-600-6491
Office: COBH 310


  • EGEN 102
  • ECHM 201
  • ECHM 451
  • EBIO 411

Chemical and Biomedical Calculations Using PythonBackground

Research Interests

  • Development of mathematical models for nanoparticle synthesis and radiation detection.
  • Using systems biology and dynamical system modeling to understand productivity in microbial consortia.
  • Implicit Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for advection-diffusion problems and the Navier-Stokes equation
  • Biofilm-fluid interaction and quorum sensing
  • Using the higher-order finite elements and the spectral element methods to predict particle deposition in the human airways
  • The modeling of biological systems in which there is a mechanical coupling between a moving fluid and tissues. Problems of current interest include the cricket sensory system and biofilms.
  • Using a first-order system least-squares (FOSLS) and algebraic multigrid (AMG) to solve the Navier-Stokes equations with additional boundary data (i.e., data assimilation).
  • I've developed a parallel, high-order least-squares finite element code that uses "hypre" by LLNL and a high-order discontinuous Galerkin finite element code that uses Trilinos by SNL.
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