To graduate with a degree in Chemical Engineering, you must take the FE Exam. The exam is optional for Biological Engineering majors. You will receive a P grade in EGEN 488 once evidence that you have successfully completed the exam is submitted on D2L - assignment: FE Exam Submission. 

Download printable FE Exam Instructions

Registering for the FE Exam

  • Register any time, up to one year in advance, for an exam appointment at any testing
  • You will choose a test center and schedule a time when you register
  • Cost will be $175.00 to register through NCEES
  • For more information and registration go to:
  • You must also register for EGEN 488 the same semester you take the exam. You should take the FE Exam (and EGEN 488) during your last

Exam Dates, Times, and Places

  • The FE Exam is taken on computer at any Pearson Vue Test Center – MSU currently is a Pearson Vue Test site with 10 stations in the MSU library basement, Room 19, (other test centers are in Helena, Billings, Missoula, )
  • The MSU Test Center will be open Monday – Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm
  • You can retake the exam if you do not pass

Exam Format

  • The computer-based FE Exam takes approximately 6 hours - 110 questions
  • You must bring a government issued photo ID
  • Chemical Engineering students must take the Chemical Engineering specific
  • Biological Engineering students should consider taking the ‘Other Disciplines’ exam. For a list of those subjects go to
  • Split screen format - exam on one side, reference handbook on the other
  • Exam preparation materials available through NCEES:
  • Only certain calculators are allowed for the FE Exam, please review the list:
  • Exam results will be available within 7-10 days after the test is taken.
  • To earn a passing grade in EGEN 488, you will have to upload the proof you have taken the test on D2L (assignment: FE Exam Submission).

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