Approved by the faculty on August 21, 2013

1. All prerequisite waiver requests must be submitted in writing (a professional-style email is acceptable) by the student to the course instructor and the department's academic advisor. The request must contain a reasonable argument describing why the waiver should be considered and a plan for independently learning the prerequisite material before it is needed in the course.

2. The default position of the department is that prerequisites are essential to a well-functioning learning environment, and waivers will frequently be denied.

3. If the student is deficient in two prerequisite courses, approval from the department head is required in addition to the course instructor.

4. Transfer students are advised by either the department's academic advisor or department head upon entering MSU. Transfer students with a prior GPA above 3.3 are given some latitude with respect to prerequisite waivers, but all initial waivers need to be approved by the department head