Student Success Coordinator

The Academic Advisor and Departmental Certifying Officer is Geraldine Govaerts. For most degree requirement questions and coursework requirements, she will be your first contact. You make an appointment with Geraldine on her online calendar.

Faculty Advisor

Students are assigned faculty advisors according to the following list. Faculty Advisors are an excellent resource for career, graduate education and elective selection advice.


  • A-B
  • C-F
  • G-J
  • K-M
  • N-R
  • S
  • T-Z
  • Jennifer Brown, Ryan Anderson
  • Connie Chang, Ross Carlson, Paul Gannon
  • Brent Peyton, Joe Menicucci
  • Robin Gerlach, Kate Morrissey
  • Stephanie McCalla, Phil Russell
  • Phil Stewart, Joe Seymour
  • Jim Wilking, Stephanie Wettstein

Transfer Student Advising

Dr. Abigail Richards and Geraldine Govaerts are the principal advisors for transfer students until you get on track with the MSU chemical and/or biological engineering curriculum.

The evaluation of your credits transferred from your previous institution takes place in two parts:

  1. The University evaluates general courses for MSU course equivalencies.  University transfer evaluations are performed by the Admissions Office.

  2. The Department then evaluates your transfer courses for possible course substitutions. Departmental transfer evaluations are performed by department transfer advisors.

updated: 09/21/20